Calling for Submissions

Submission Deadline:August 15, 2019

The Silk Road Youth International Photography Competition is the first photography competition focusing on Silk Road countries for international youngsters. By encouraging young participants across the world to record and promote with their cameras the significant project on human destiny community, this competition aims to enhance their understanding of silk road countries, bridge young people in different regions, as well as encourage them to be the witness, contributor and successor of wonderful cultures along this road.

2019 Silk Road Youth International Photography Competition rules as followed:

Article One: Requirements of Participants

  1. All adolescent who take interests in photography between 8 – 22 years old can participate.
  2. The competition will be divided into two groups: A and B. Group A will target at adolescents from 8 to 15 years old; Group B will target at adolescents from16 to 22 years old. Both A and B groups can participate in the single works and portfolio works.

Article Two: Requirements of Entries

  1. Content requirement: the theme is “HOME”. Works that express world heritage, daily concerns, campus life, nature and the environment and other photography topics are recommended.
  2. Requirements of Submission:
    • Each participant can submit at most 10 pieces (groups) for single works and portfolio works.
    • The quantity of each portfolio photos work should be within 4 – 8 pictures.
    • Participants should submit their works along with picture introduction or explanation of more than 50 characters.
    • Each entry works should be in JPEG format and not less than 4MB.
    • Participants should submit works in electronic files to designated mailbox.
  3. Special Instructions
    • Entries must be taken between 2017 to 2019;
    • The works copy right must be clearly defined.
    • Additional instruction are required if later post processing, deletion or modification was used.
    • The original file (EXIF) should be provided if necessary.

Article Three: Requirements of Entries

The participants should fill in the entry form faithfully. Participants should fill in the form in English.

Article Four: Submission and Deadline

Submit please log in:

Deadline: August 15th2019

Article Five: Awards Setting

  1. “The light of Silk Road” Gold Award (3 winners for Group A and B respectively)
    • Award trophy, certificate, portfolio and Photography study tour rewards
  2. “The light of Silk Road” Silver Award (5 winners for Group A and B respectively)
    • Award trophy, certificate, portfolio and Photography study tour rewards
  3. “The light of Silk Road” Bronze Award(30 winners for Group A and B in total)
    • Award trophy, certificate, portfolio and Photography study tour rewards
  4. “The light of the Silk Road” Excellence Award (120 winners for Group A and B in total)
    • Award certificate, portfolio

Article Six: Obligations of the Participants

  1. The participants confirm that all works submitted in entry period are created by themselves originally.The participants shall ensure that they have full copyright of the submitted works, and do not violate any laws and regulations.
  2. The participants shall not cancel the agreement of authorizing free, permanent non-exclusive rights and licenses throughout the world to Photo Beijing and co-sponsors, allowing them to use submitted works in media promotion and news release related to “Silk Road Youth International Photography Competition” through various channels.
  3. All participants will be deemed to accept the terms and conditions of this event, including but not limited to participating in the works presentations, project achievements sharing and product use experience sharing etc. related to this event.


The Organizing Committee Of Beijing International Photography

Silk Road Photographic Organization International Alliance

The Photojournalist Society Of China

China Millennium Monument · World Art Museum


Silk Road Youth International Photography Competition Organizing Committee

China Millennium Monument ·World Art Center


Beijing Green Future Environment Foundation

Beijing International Arts & Photography Foundation

Studio of Masters

Contacts: Jin Zheng

Tel: 86-10-84187747


Contacts: Dong Liang


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